Our 2017 Plant Fairs

All of our fairs are held at beautiful and prestigious gardens across the country, with a wide range of styles. For example, we have fairs at ancient and venerable locations such as the Bishop’s Palace, Wells,  where there is evidence of a garden before building of the Palace started in around 1206, the baroque gardens at Castle Bromwich Hall, or the fabulous gardens at Llanover House, near Abergavenny, the earliest parts of which date back over 200 years. Then there are more recent gardens such as the fabulous Arts and Crafts gardens at High Glanau Manor, Monmouthshire, and at Winterbourne House, in Birmingham. Gardens in more unusual settings include the unique woodland gardens at Evenley Wood, near Brackley. All of these beautiful gardens provide a wonderful setting for the fairs. The gate receipts from the fairs also help to support the upkeep of the gardens, some of which are charitable trusts, and some also benefit important local charities.

Click on any one of the fairs in the list at the side of the page to find full details of the event and a list of the nurseries and exhibitors attending. 

Please remember that many of our exhibitors don't have card facilities, so don't forget to bring plenty of cash with you!

Visiting our Fairs


The admission fee for each of our fairs is a combined package and includes access to the fair and gardens. In some cases, for practical reasons, the fair itself may be sited just outside the entrance to the gardens. Please note that where this is the case we do not offer a separate admission fee for the fair only or garden only.


With the exception of The Bishops' Palace in Wells, there is free parking on site at each of our events. Parking for The Bishops' Palace is at the public car parks in the City Centre.  In some cases there may be a walk between the parking and the garden/fair - where this is significant we try to organise pick up points to which you can drive and collect your purchases at the end of your visit.


Our fairs are held in a range of gardens, many of which are of a historic nature or which are private gardens not normally open to the public. There may be steps or uneven surfaces that make some areas of the gardens more difficult to access for disabled visitors, so please contact us for advice in advance of your visit if this may be an issue for you. Disabled parking and/or a drop off point are available at every fair.


Dogs are permitted at some, but not all, of our fairs and gardens. Please check the page for the individual fair for the arrangements at that event. Where dogs are admitted, they must be well-behaved and kept on a short lead at all times.