Pops Plants 2


We are a small family run business based in Hertfordshire and specialising in the captivating Primula Auriculas. These charming alpine plants herald originally from the mountain slopes of Central Europe and the Western Alps. Often know as mountain cow slips or bears ears because of the shape of their leaves, it is said they arrived in England with the fleeing Huguenots and became a fascination of the Victorians.

Pops Plants 2 has been growing the business since January 2017 and we now have a large collection of doubles, with some select stripes and fancies. The original Pops Plants was run by members of Tom’s family who won numerous RHS gold medals during their career, and hopefully we’ll be able to continue providing the same high quality, non-micro propagated plants as they did. We are also currently applying for National Collection status.

These wonderful hardy plants are available in a myriad of different jewel like colours each with their own name. It is hard not to fall in love with their exquisite, intriguing beauty and their desire for a very light touch.


Return of Pops Plants - An excellent article on Lou Nicholl's blog about a visit to the nursery. Packed full of useful growing and care tips for auriculas. 

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