Springhill Plants


Springhill Plants grows a wide range of choice perennials, shrubs and annuals many of which are unusual and uncommon, including some rare gems.  Our focus is on providing garden worthy plants for a variety of positions and purposes. We always bring a very broad selection (up to 150 different varieties and/or species) to every plant fair, providing customers the opportunity to find the perfect plant to meet their requirements.

Some of the new plants in our range for 2019/20 will include:
Allium 'In Orbit'; Baptisia 'Dutch Chocolate'; Cephalaria leucantha; Eryngium 'Magical Blue Falls'; Exocordia 'Magical Springtime'; Lupinus  'Magic Lantern'Omphalodes 'All Summer'; Panicum virgatum  'Hot Rod'; Salvia nana 'Curling Waves' and Viola s. 'Hungarian Beauty'.

All photos © Caroline Cox


Spring Forth!

A Blooming Feast

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Eryngium 'Pen Blue'
Eryngium 'Pen Blue'
Allium 'In Orbit'
Allium 'In Orbit'
Echinacea 'Fatal Attraction'
Salvia nana 'Curling Waves'
Campanula glomerata 'Caroline'