Wild Thyme

Monica & Jess

We are a mother and daughter team running a small nursery in the heart of Somerset. We are not open to the public but, we exhibit at many plant fairs throughout the South West and are more than happy to bring along pre-ordered plants for you to collect. Simply call or drop us an email. Check out our website www.wildthymeplants.co.uk to find an event near you. Alternatively why not try our fantastic mail order service and have your choice of plants safely delivered to your door! 

We grow a range of beautifully scented perennials, shrubs and climbers and from our Pineapple Trees, Chocolate Mint, Dwarf Mock Orange and coconut-scented Galega, we believe we have something a little unusual and delicious to keep your garden smelling wonderful all year round.

We also grow a range of Wildflowers from around the British Isles. 95% of Britain’s wildflower meadows have disappeared since 1945. Our aim is to help save our fast declining flora and the wildlife that depend on them.

We can supply everything you need to create a flower-rich meadow or woodland and help you to encourage bees, butterflies and other wildlife back to your garden. These guys are really tough too! If you have a corner of your garden where nothing seems to do well, we guarantee we have something beautiful that will thrive and look great!


Scabious : A butterfly’s best friend

A Rose By Any Other Name ... And For Any Situation

A Host of Honeysuckle



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Wild Thyme
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Monica & Jess
Monica & Jess
Blue Tree Lupin
Blue Tree Lupin
Cytisus battandieri
Filipendula vulgaris - Dropwort
Matthiola incana 'Alba'