Rare Plant Fair Exhibitors Offering Mail Order

Rare Plant Fair offers a list of mail order suppliers - 24 March 2020

We thought that we would share a list of all the Rare Plant Fair exhibitors who, to our knowledge offer a mail order service. Please be aware that not all of them will have sophisticated online ordering, and the process may be more 'old-school' involving initial contact by phone or e-mail. They will all have a great selection of plants available (many of which were originally destined for sale at our events in March and April) so PLEASE so try to support them if you can.  Here's the list:

  • Arthur and Strange
  • Beltane Forge
  • Butterfly Cottage Garden Plants
  • Charleshurst Plants
  • Cotswold Garden Flowers
  • Edulis
  • Exotic Earth Plants
  • Five Two
  • Gabriella Knight
  • Gardener’s Delight Nursery
  • Heartsease Plants
  • Hillview Hardy Plants
  • Jurassicplants Nurseries
  • Long Acre Plants
  • Lovegrove’s Nursery
  • Lyneal Mill Nursery
  • Pineview Plants
  • Plantbase
  • PlantWild
  • Roseland House Nursery
  • Shire Plants
  • Special Plants
  • The Edible Garden Nursery
  • The Gobbett Nursery
  • The Lavender Garden
  • Tortworth Plants
  • Whinwhistle Nursery
  • Wildegoose Nursery
  • Wivey Carnivorous Plants


To find their contact details, please visit the nurseries page on our website at http://www.rareplantfair.co.uk/our-nurseries/ The list of all our 2020 exhibitors is on the left of the page (on a computer or laptop) or nearer the bottom (on a phone or tablet). just click on the nursery name to get their contact details.


Thanks in advance for continuing to support our excellent exhibitors.