Welcome to Our 2022 Programme of Specialist Plant Fairs!

We are delighted to return for the 2022 season with a full programme of 14 specialist plant fairs, all held in unique, interesting and beautiful gardens across the South and South West of England, South Wales and the West Midlands. As well as featuring our established and popular venues, we are pleased to include two new gardens in our programme, at the American Museum and Garden in Bath, and at Langford Court, near Bristol. With a great cast of specialist nurseries and exhibitors at each event, our Fairs offer the perfect opportunity to visit great gardens and stock up on interesting, unusual and , above all, well-grown plants for your garden.

During 2022 we hope and expect that we can operate all of our Fairs in our normal way, with tickets available to buy on the gate and no need to prebook. However, we can't rule out the possibility that the Government may reintroduce regulations related to COVID-19 during the course of the season, so please check back to the website regularly during the year for the most up to date information. You can also keep in touch via our social media accounts on FacebookTwitter and Instagram, or by signing up to our newsletter.

About Our Fairs

Once we get hooked on gardens and gardening, we all become fascinated with new and unusual plants. Whether we specialise in collecting a particular group of plants such as roses, snowdrops, irises, etc., or are just interested in anything that is rare or novel, we’re constantly on the lookout for that special plant. However, finding the plants that we need or want (not always the same thing!) is not always easy. The best sources are the many specialist growers and nurseries around the country, but many are based in remote locations, or may not be open regularly (or at all) to the public at their home sites. So how can these nurseries and the avid gardeners desperate to buy their plants be brought together? The solution lies in Rare Plant Fairs, held throughout the growing season from March to September.


High Glanau Manor, June 2021

All the events are held in beautiful and unique gardens, offering the visitor the complete horticultural day out, for novice or experienced gardeners alike. The original idea remains as good as ever, with the Fairs continuing to be extremely popular with nurseries and gardeners alike. You can also relax and enjoy refreshments, often homemade, at all of our venues.

At every one of our fairs there is the opportunity to buy interesting and unusual plants from our nurseries, all of whom are genuine growers dedicated to offering you well-grown plants and advice on the plants they sell. The admission fee for each of our Fairs is a combined package and includes access to the Fair and Gardens, and the price is generally the same as, or less than, the normal admission fee for the garden only.

Our fairs are mostly held in rural locations, where mobile phone signals for card machines may be unreliable, so don't forget to bring plenty of cash (and your cheque book, if you still have one!) with you! And to try to reduce plastic waste, please bring reusable bags, boxes, trolleys etc. for your purchases.

Please click on any one of the fairs in the list at the side of the page (at the bottom of the page on tablets and smartphones) to find full details of the event and a list of the nurseries and exhibitors attending. 

Our Gardens

All of our fairs are held at beautiful gardens, a number of which are not frequently open to the public. Each garden has its own unique character, some with histories stretching back centuries whilst others are more recent. Our gardens are regularly featured in the gardening press and on television. Our Fairs are held across the South and South West of England, South Wales and the West Midlands.  

Our Nurseries  

We carefully select our nurseries to ensure that they are genuine growers who produce most or all of the plants that they sell themselves. The nurseries that exhibit at each fair are chosen so that we can offer the widest possible range of plants to our visitors, including perennials, shrubs and trees, alpines, bulbs and exotic plants. 

All of our nursery owners are experts in the plants that they grow, and some are National Collection holders. They are all always happy to offer all the advice that you need to select and grow the right plants for your garden. And don't forget that all of our nurseries are happy to bring pre-ordered plants to the fairs that they are attending, so don't forget to visit their websites to see what they can offer!


Highnam Court, July 2021 (photo by John Bishop, Cobalt)

At some of our fairs we also have exhibitors offering garden-related products and services, such as plant supports, garden tools and implements and garden sculpture.

Click on the 'Our Nurseries' link at the  this page for a complete list of the nurseries and other exhibitors coming to our Fairs. Additionally, a list of the nurseries attending each individual event can be found on the page for each fair.

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