Our Nurseries

Plant fairs are vitally important for small, independent nurseries to bring their plants to the attention of the wider public. Many will travel significant distances to exhibit at a fair, giving visitors access to growers that they wouldn’t otherwise easily find. The nurseries that come to these events are genuine growers who are passionate about the plants that they offer, and are dedicated to offering well grown and unusual plants. At our fairs we have specialists in perennials, shrubs and trees, alpines  and exotic plants, and we try to ensure that every event has the widest possible range of different plants available for sale.

Another great advantage of buying your plants at a fair is that you can talk directly to the nursery owners, who enjoy the opportunity to talk to enthusiastic people about what they grow, and are very happy to provide all of the advice and tips needed to select and grow the right plants for your garden. Whether you are a novice gardener just starting out on your first garden, or an experienced gardener looking for that special plant, you will always find something to interest and excite you. And if there is a “must have” plant that you want to make sure is there for you at the fair, just contact the nursery ahead of the fair and they will be happy to bring it for you.

At some of our fairs we also have exhibitors offering high quality garden accessories and sundries. We try to ensure that they offer something unique and a little bit different.

The full list of our 2024 exhibitors is at the side of this page (at the bottom on tablets and smartphones). Click on their name to obtain further information on what they grow or sell, together with their contact details and the list of fairs that they are attending.