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Violas are hardy perennial plants. Easy to grow and maintain, and well suited to a range of garden situations. They are highly collectable too, or so we think, for they are plants with personality! As Mark Griffiths, in his column for 'Country Life', aptly puts it: "They don't have flowers so much as faces." They can be striped, splashed and blotched, bi-coloured or the image of simplicity itself. Many are wonderfully scented too and with a flowering season that stretches from late March to October they are hard to beat.

At each fair we will be displaying a good range from our collection, which is the largest in the UK with over 170 varieties.

Pre-arranged orders can be collected from any of the fairs we are attending; please see our website for further details.

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The Wonderful World of Perennial Violas

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Ardross Gem
Ardross Gem
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